Anderson T.

One of the pioneers of hardstyle in Brazil, Anderson T reached the top charts several times with it’s energic music and it’s perfectly tuned style.

Always a geek for perfecionism, Anderson T never let the crowd down when plays it’s own tracks. Producing for more than 10 years now, he reached the world with it’s first official release by the beginning of 2012. His first track, “Anderson T – Kentaurus” reached the top 10 charts of several online stores around the world.

He made himself a reference of the brazilian hardstyle to the world, producing more than 40 tracks (most of it, unreleased) and being the only brazilian hardstyle DJ and producer that has already played in another countries. Talk about his famous releases is senseless, since every track he released worldwide has become an success.

“Andy” also built his little empire aswell, nowadays, is the owner of “T-Dimension Studio”, an well-known recording, mix and mastering studio; Also is part of Hard Music Records, an fast-growing hardstyles label created in 2010 by Paulistos DJ.

Anderson T is also known for his incredible abilities on producing, mixing, mastering, drinking, non-sleeping-hard-partying and also his incredible hangover tolerance. Known as an funny and joking guy, Andy takes serious when he got into his studio.

His discography is amazing to somebody that has only completed his first year into worldwide scene. On this first year, Anderson T also reached great success appearing side by side on famous CD compilations with his favourite artists like Noisecontrollers, Headhunterz, Brennan Heart, Scope DJ, Tatanka, Technoboy and many others.








HMR001 – Introduction EP

Anderson T – Kentaurus

DJ Networx vol. 46 (Tunnel Records / Sony Music)

CD2/11 –  Anderson T – Kentaurus

HMR002 – Anderson T & Paulistos EP

Anderson T – Light (Original Mix)

Anderson T – Light (Brazilian Beat Mix)

DJ Networx vol. 47 (Tunnel Records / Sony Music)

CD2/23 – Anderson T – Light (Original Mix)

Techno Top 100 Vol. 14 – (Quadrophon / DA Music)

CD2/35 – Anderson T – Light (Original Mix)

HMR003 – Anderson T – Cause & Effect

Anderson T – Cause & Effect (Original Mix)

Anderson T – The Truth (Original Mix)

Anderson T – Keep On (Original Mix)

Hardstyle Germany vol. 6 (Tunnel Records / Sony Music)

CD2/13 – Anderson T – Cause & Effect (Original Mix)


HMR004 – Anderson T – T Dimension

Anderson T – T Dimension (Time Travel Mix)

Anderson T – T Dimension (Superstrings Mix)

HMR007 – Anderson T – Residential Area

Anderson T – Residential Area (Original Mix)

HMR008 – Paulistos ft. Paul D. – Elements Of Music

Paulistos ft. Paul D. – Elements Of Music (Anderson T Mix)

HMR009 – Anderson T – Supersonic

Anderson T – Supersonic (Original Mix)

Anderson T – Supersonic (Breakless Mix)

HMR011 – Anderson T ft. Ellie

Anderson T ft. Ellie – I Dare U (Original Mix)

Anderson T ft. Ellie – Disco Bitch (Original Mix)

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Anderson T – About

Da Punker ft. Anderson T – Between Notez

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Anderson T @ Hard Music Records Radioshow #007

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Anderson T


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