HMR 084 – Deepshout – Ents – 10/05/2018

We´re very happy to announce the first release for “Deepshout” at HMR.

A very talented producer from Spain with his brand new “Ents” E.P.

Be sure you don´t miss this one!

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HMR083 – Active Assassinz – The Poem – 25/04/2018

Our Asian squad release comes from China! Their name is Active Assassins and this track is such an epic on!

‘Poem’ is its name and we guarantee you’ll be hooked from the beginning… Like a good poem should be!

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HMRG004 – RiraN – Brick – 15/04/2018

#HMR keeps growing World Wide with #Hardstyle and we are proud to announce our newest signing!

This new talented producer comes from South Korea and is here to bring you the asian side of Hardstyle! Give it up for RiraN!

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HMR082 – High Level – Next Level – 24/03/2018

High Level‘s album is here! Do you need some extra energy?

With this we guarantee you will be “Sleepless”! #RepeatMode


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HMR081 – Ampyre – Chaos – 01/03/2018

Were you needing some new beats for the Weekend? Don’t worry, HMR got you covered! ?
Today is the release of the newest EP of one our favorite Dutch producers, Ampyre!
Let yourself get caught by “Chaos” and “Lose Control”! ?
Note: Maximum Volume Required ??

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HMR080 – Raw Harmony – The Devils Dance – 07/02/2018

Raw Harmony is back with a new banger to brighten your week… or not? ?
This will take you to the darkness path!
This is the “Devils Dance”!

buy here:

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