Dennis Engels born on the 2nd of august in 1992 began playing in 2009 for his friends in an private place they had under the name Dennoes.

His love for hardstyle started when he visited parties like Qlimax, Hardbass, Defqon and Decibel. He just loved it so much to play for his friends that he wanted to play more often and started to make mixtapes in his spare time.

D-EntraxPeople started to listen to these mixtapes and people where starting to know his name. Thanks to this he was asked by local pubs and parties to come and play his music for them. This pleased the people so well that people in surrounding villages and towns also wanted him to come and play on there party. This was the moment he changed his DJ name into D-Entrax. On this moment he was playing in discotheques and clubs and on birthdays and weddings.

Because he wanted to play more and on bigger partys he started to join DJ contests and is busy to make his own tracks. He won 2 DJ contests and thanks to this he had the opportunity to play with: Adaro, Alpha2, Kevin Kaos, Desnar and The Pitcher. After the contests D-Entrax signed an contract with Crushin Agency for his bookings.


And after some own music productions he signed an contract with the label: Hard Music Records.

When D-Entrax is playing somewhere he always get the people go crazy on the dancefloor because he is an very energetic person and tries to share his energy with the people on the dance floor. His mixing skills are not standard and thanks to this he knows to surprise the people. Playing the right music on the right time!


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