Stefan Schönberger, better known as D-Mon – has always been interested in music.

When he first discovered Hardstyle, he instantly fell in love with that unique energy and drive.

Soon he also got interested in creating his own music and started experimenting with simple Audio-Workstations. Immediately he knew that producing was what he wanted to do from now on.
In 2009, Stefan finally decided to take producing seriously and started to spend the main part of his free time in the studio. He put a lot of passion and energy into his new main hobby and got better and better. And being a creative guy, Stefan still takes his time to make every single project special. So keep an eye on him, cause there’s a lot to come in the future!

As 2012 slowly comes to an end, he joins forces with Hard Music Records to set his musical mark in the worldwide hardstyle scene, and we are sure glad to have him with us!


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