High Level

High Level, also known as Michael Ban, is an Austrian hardstyle producer who now joins forces with Hard Music Records.

This 19 year old ice hockey player started producing back in 2008 and has come a long way since then.

He is producing a lot of different genres but has now found his place in the Hard Music Records family with his banging hardstyle sounds.

The first HMR-preview from High Level created some serious buzz around this young talent. His track “T.E.S” was featured in the showcase mix wich was promoted by Nikkita. The internet-crowd went crazy and demanded that this track had to be released. Said and done.

High Level is now releasing his first 3-tracker EP togheter with Hard Music Records on the 9th of september 2012. Keep your eyes and ears open, High Level is coming your way. HMR Style!

Have a listen to some of his sounds below!

High Level – T.E.S

High Level – The One

High Level

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