MC Dart

Dart has been a raver almost all of his life. Went to his first all night drum’n bass rave in 1992 when he was 16 years old.

Right there he lost it for several hours on the dance floor and a true raver was born.

Hard Music Records - ArtistsAs growing up in the scene, he got familiar with MC’s and recognized their skills on the mic. At a drum’n bass party in 1994 Dart grabbed the mic during a set of DJ Dreazz for the first time ever and liked what he did. Others where picking up on this and Dart was given the chance to chat up the crowd more often.

Developing as a drum’n bass MC he got to chat at events like Dance Valley, Lowlands, New Frontier, Mysteryland had a weekly Friday clubnight drum’n bass session at the Roxy (Amsterdam). Often spotted in clubs like Nighttown (Rotterdam), Doornroosje (Nijmegen), Effenaar (Eindhoven), 013 (Tilburg), and the list goes on. Hooked up with the Triple Vision Crew and blasted their drum’n bass visions nationwide and abroad by spitting beats and lyrics at events like Elementz, Major League, Classified and Fridayz.

Around 1996 Dart slowly got into MCing on garage and house music. Starting chatting over tapes when suddenly he got invited by Speedfreax. This is where Dart had to do it for real. After this night there were many. Got spotted by Silly Symphonies and start off MCing as a resident at Silly’s and Speedfreax. Other events and promoters followed, Chemistry, Juice, Bingo, Crème Fresh, Splendid, Ice Cream, 2Steps Ahead, Jet Set, High Velocity and many more.MC Dart

At the same time, Dart and his best friend for life Sier (who have been active ravers in the hardcore/gabba scene) signed a deal with Megarave Records and released their first EP under the name the Dark Twins. Since 1997 they have been releasing tracks on Megarave Records.

Dart took it a step further when chatting up venues internationally. Has been chatting up mics in the UK (Bristol and London), Czech Republic at events like Speedfreax Prague, Chemistry on Tour, Drum’n Bass Harvest and Triple Vision Crew nights in Prague, Bruno, Ostrava and Olomic with the likes of DJ Dreazz & DJ Falcon, Pamb, Harsh and Proskript. Played in Prague Clubs like Roxy, Mecca and had a chat session at Prague Radio ONE. Chatted up El Divino @ Ibiza, Has been spotted on the mic at raves and venues in Belgium, Germany and Switzerland.

He’s been out there with the top notch of the Drum’n Bass, Hardcore/Gabba and Garage scenes. Played alongside, Grooverider, Andy C, Technical Itch, Ed Rush & Optical, Limewax, Rotterdam Terror Corps, Brian Fury, Promo, Spoony, Karl “Tuff Enuff” Brown and EZ just to name a few. With his deep and uplifting voice always able to create a well uplifting atmosphere.

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