It was a no brainer for Paul in 1996 – as he mixed his first set at his friends (DJ Gabberwocky) studio – that being a DJ was his destiny.

After this soulshakin’ experience, he began to collect the necessary equipment and practiced from this day on, from dusk till dawn!

In 1998, Paul and some of his friends (they named themselve First Class Gabbers) organized their first party; an open-air named: “It came from the Desert”. His first booking with the First Class Gabbers Live Act came along in December 2000 at the Planet Music Club! One year after this outstanding event, FCG released their first track on the official Hardcore Nation Sampler CD, one of Italy’s biggest Hardcore Parties.

Finally in the year 2002 he played his first DJ-Set in the Club Planet Music which really kick started his career as a DJ! Playing from that day on regularly on different Parties all around Austria and Europe! Later in December of 2002, he also started to organize Hardstyle Parties in Austria.Hard Music Records Artist

January 2003 Paul and FCG got their first Vinyl Release on the well known Randy 909% label from Italy! The same year he organized the Digital City, until today the biggest Hard Dance Festival ever held in Austria, got interviewed with Radio FM 4, also performed as Live Act and DJ during the nationwide La Boom De-Luxe show! An achievement which only Ilsa Gold has reached before and no one after! He used several pseudonyms to enhance his DJ career and also became a member of the Quaternion live Act in 2003.

Until 2006 he kept organizing Parties, played his stunning DJ sets almost everywhere on the Continent, and was on stage with other well known Acts like Dark Raver, Zany, Dana, Evil Activities, Dazzler, Angerfist, Buzz Fuzz, Neophyte and many others. In 2006 he took a short break from the music-business, but only to come back with more energy and passion for music, parties and the people.

His destiny was fulfilled as he met his congenial partner Dj Anderson T. Together they felt, that the time was right to build up this new ambitious label hardmusicrecords, to give new high talented artists other than themselves a platform for sharing their productions with the audience.

Now his goal is, to transfer all this passion and energy in to his music and push the limits to the sky and beyond!


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